What is ICOSEP?


Global Role

Societies and Organizations of the World Unite
ICOSEP’s Global Endocrine Network


All cells in our bodies are impacted by hormones in our endocrine system. A balanced endocrine system is essential for healthy life! Endocrine issues can be detected in common symptoms such as headaches, lethargy and irregular growth in children. Unrecognized problems can negatively impact a person for their lifetime.

Medical societies, patient organizations, and supporters, have united as ICOSEP to improve endocrine awareness and care. Endocrinology is essential to the future of medicine and medical treatments. 

International organizations supporting ICOSEP include:
(for a complete country by country list click here)






ANNOUNCEMENT: ICOSEP is seeking volunteers to represent their country by assisting families who experience endocrine issues. Details can be found here. If you are interested (and if there is no ambassador listed here for your country) please email contactus@icosep.org and tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested. Thank you!

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