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  1. Medical problems affecting children’s growth (too much or too little) are NOT minor cosmetic issues.
  2. NO- parents should not “wait and hope” medical problems go away.
  3. ICOSEP is uniting parents, organizations and medical professionals around the world. We strive to educate people about children’s growth as an important marker of their health.

Who are we?  

ICOSEP members are parents/charity associations, and medical societies united as one team.

What is our purpose? 

As parents of children who have been diagnosed with conditions, we could simply sit back and go on with our lives. However, during our years of searching for answers for our own children, we learned many lessons.

  • Often people think growth is unimportant-WRONG!
  • Growth is not understood to be a visual indicator of potentially serious problems developing in our children’s health-WRONG!
  • It can be difficult to find experts on children’s growth-TRUE

We learned that serious conditions such as brain tumors, rare syndromes etc. can all have devastating and long term impacts on a child…And guess what- these problem can begin to show up by interfering with a child’s growth! It can be that child grows too quickly or too slowly-but it can be a sign! If this was your child wouldn’t you want to know as early as possible?

We are building a global alliance (voice) to share information and resources pertaining to medical conditions affecting children’s growth. Our global voice focuses on 20 September (an annual worldwide education campaign for Children’s Growth Awareness).

Together as ICOSEP, our united “voice” is louder and stronger.  Children’s lives are changed!

Join us today! Membership is free!

Patient Groups listing by country. If you know of a group which is not represented, please invite them to contact us. Qualifying membership is free.

Thank you

Medical organizations supporting ICOSEP include:
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United States
United States
South Africa
Latin Alliance
Australia and Asia
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Asia Pacific
Bulgarian National Pediatric Endocrine Society (BNSEE)

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