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Every cell in a body is impacted by hormones. A healthy endocrine system is essential for healthy life! Most people do not know what endocrine is or value its importance.
Endocrine professional and patient organizations, as well as other supporters are uniting to improve this lack of understanding.

Endocrinology is more essential to the future of medicine than many well known specialties today.

Just one example…Endocrinologists are the only ones addressing:

Medical problems affecting children’s growth (too much or too little). Growth irregularities are NOT cosmetic issues they are early warning signs! Parents should not “wait and hope” growth problems go away.

Who is ICOSEP?  

ICOSEP members are parent associations, and medical societies joined together as one team to help children with health issues which are identifiable by a disruption (too much or too little) in their physical growth.

ANNOUNCEMENT: ICOSEP is seeking volunteers to represent their country to assist children and health issue. Details can be found here. If you are interested (if there is not an ambassador listed here for your country) please email and tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested. Thank you!

What is our purpose? 

  • ICOSEP is uniting people around the world to reduce the diagnosis time for discovering serious medical conditions which can be diagnosed in part by a child’s irregular growth pattern.
  • We are building a global voice to share information and resources pertaining to medical conditions affecting children’s growth. People unite online each 20 September to share one simple message and encourage medical attention for undiagnosed children while time is still available. Our message: Is your child growing normally? Find out! Because a child’s growth is a serious sign of their health. Simple problems such as thyroid imbalances to serious life altering problems such as brain tumors can first show up in a child’s irregular growth pattern.”For information on this issue contact the Patient Groups or Medical Experts in your country. If you know of a group which is not represented on our list, please invite them to contact us. Qualifying membership is free.

Thank you

Medical organizations supporting ICOSEP include:
(for a complete list click here)

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