Who are we?  ICOSEP is a federation of patient advocate associations representing more than 35 countries, medical societies and child advocate supporters.

What is our purpose?  We are building a global alliance and partnership to encourage a free information exchange and resources for medical conditions which affect children’s health as exhibited in their lack or accelerated growth. Our global voice focuses on an annual worldwide education campaign for Children’s Growth Awareness.

Why is ICOSEP important? For decades, many growth/endocrine problems have been viewed as “cosmetic” or less important than other medical challenges. This is incorrect! As patient advocate groups we are directly involved with these medical conditions and understand from personal experience with our own children, that children’s growth is a major sign of a child’s health.

Together as ICOSEP, our united “voice” is louder and stronger as we work to educate families about the importance of monitoring children’s height/health. Children’s lives will be changed!

Join us today! Membership is free! Review the Patient Groups listing for your country. If you know of a group which is not represented, please invite them to join. Services and membership have no charge.

Thank you

A few of the medical organizations supporting our coalition include: (for a complete list click here )

United States
Latin Alliance

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