Corporate Sponsorships

ICOSEP’s mission is to unite endocrine groups, into one comprehensive and cooperative global network. This centralized unification, hosted and coordinated by ICOSEP shall, promote, facilitate and transparently share information among all endocrine groups with the goal of uniting our voices regardless of the specific focus held by any one unique organization. This consolidated umbrella of groups, shall enable rare voices to unite as a cohesive presence and when necessary, take action for the improved care, health, and quality of life for all patients with endocrine related health concerns. Endocrine united.

One part of ICOSEP’s efforts includes the early identification of children’s with treatable medical issues which can be diagnosed via a disruption (too much or too little) in a child’s growth pattern.

We are very thankful for the unrestricted, non-stipulated, general support from the following companies to our annual educational initiative.

  • ICOSEP is governed by an Advisory Board of international member authorities.
  • ICOSEP member organizations determine the educational direction and purpose of the group.
  • ICOSEP does not endorse nor favor any one specific medical treatment, nor medical condition as there are thousands of conditions impacting a child’s growth.
  • ICOSEP is financially supported by The MAGIC Foundation for children’s growth as their international division. This was agreed upon by vote of the start up international group authorities.

We are pleased to thank the following corporate sponsors for believing in all children’s health.

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