ICOSEP is building a series of videos to encourage a serious understanding about the importance of monitoring children’s growth. We are asking for help from families around the world.

If your child has an endocrine appointment soon, please consider taking a BRIEF cell phone video of your child being measured by the experts. (10 seconds or less and less than 25 MG so they can be emailed to us).

If you can help us, please make sure the person who is doing the measuring is aware of what you are doing and agrees to being filmed. Make certain he/she knows that you will include their arms or feet etc. but we must require that NO FACES other than your child’s appear in the video.

You could show them setting their feet close to the measuring device and then up to their heads etc. You can even take the video from the side of their body instead of facing forward. But again, NO FACE other than your child’s can be in the video. (Sorry- strict legal issues.)

We really need your help and appreciate your assistance!!!

Email your video with your signed permission form (click to open and print) to jamie@magicfoundation.org. Please add the subject, “Videos to encourage.” We will not use any video without a signed authorization to protect the children!

Thanks so much! Together we can make a difference!!!

Need help on creating a great clip? L. Scott Harrell has created a blog: 7 Ways to Get Pro Quality Video from Your Smartphone.

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