14 May 2020
Prague, Czech Republic
Courtyard by Marriott, Prague Airport
8:30-13:00 (1:00)

8:30                      Welcome and Introductions
Coffee and Tea will be available

8:35- 9:00            Review of basic ICOSEP goals and achievements

  • History of ICOSEP Start Up, Purpose of Coalition
  • Lessons Learned
  • Physicians of the Future (all societies are now targeting grassroots awareness campaigns, writing materials for patients, and even ways to effectively advocate for patients)                      

9:00-11:00           Open Discussions and Questions

  • What are the main challenges experienced for recognition of endocrine conditions and treatment authorizations in your countries?
  • Are the needs of the families and physicians being met in your countries? How can we 
    work together to form a closer relationship to understanding the role of the physicians and the needs of the families?
  • Queried parent organizations- the magic foundations-concerns –limited time to see patients-so how can we better help the education of the families so that there is less follow up and problems…This is not an issue in many countries, so how can we help organizations build resources to help families better understand these medical challenges and reduce stress on the physicians and their staff.

10:00-10:15         Break

11:00-11:30         Discussion 

  • Shortage of Pediatric Endocrinologists and how we can unite to promote the value of this

11:30- 12:00        Materials available for use by societies and medical schools

  • Minimizing time spent and financial challenges for physician and patient support
  • Presentation of free art files and endocrine medical resources now being used by medical schools

12:00-13:00         Thank you lunch

Contact Ashley Gilmer (ashley.gilmer@icosep.org) for details or confirmations.

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