For more than 40 years, the “Grandir” association supports and informs about more than 20 pathologies linked to growth in France. Their 2020 growth awareness campaign was for the third consecutive year conducted in collaboration with the “French Society of Pediatrics” and “Novo Nordisk”. The national information week was launched by a press release (by the Madis Phileo agency, Paris) on September 10th on the theme “Children’s growth: new tools for monitoring up to the challenge”. The campaign on “Growth awareness: a major challenge” reminds doctors and parents of the need for regular monitoring of the child’s growth, a key marker of good health. Posters and brochures produced by the Société Française de Pédiatrie and the Grandir association were offered to parents in the waiting rooms of 2,400 general practitioners and pediatricians in France. Versions dedicated to practitioners themselves were provided in paper and digital formats, facilitating screening and early diagnosis of short stature.

Novo Nordisk, a major player committed to raising awareness of growth disorders, has launched a web site for parents. It includes a chatbot to answer questions, an online growth calculator and information on growth monitoring and disorders (

The Grandir association’s board, its members, families and supporters modified their Facebook pages and profiles by Grandir and ICOSEP banners and catchphrases. Growth awareness information like the growth calculator (, short YouTube videoclips like the ones developed and edited in different languages by the ICOSEP (#ChildGrowthAwareness 2020), the selfie-type Grandir clip ( and whiteboard animated Grandir cartoon for kids were regularly posted by its members. We also relayed videos from other associations like the “Association Française de Silver Russell” (AFIF).

The COVID19 sanitary crisis restrained the organization of local “live” actions but the Growth awareness information was relayed by the 25 regional Grandir delegates and relay families present all over the country.

The campaign was also covered in the written press with articles in “Le Journal des Femmes” and “Santé Info”.

We’re now looking forward to a hopefully COVID-free 2021 campaign “as children have little time to grow but a life to live with the consequences”…

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