ICOSEP provides a global network system for endocrine medical societies and patient organizations to communicate. This collaboration, despite the diverse endocrine focus, has the potential to influence improvements of current endocrine healthcare practices for patients throughout the world.

As a common denominator in thousands of endocrine conditions, children’s growth is a key focus of ICOSEP. Our goal is to reduce/eliminate the lifelong physical damage which occurs from an unrecognized, underlying, growth impacting endocrine condition.

If a member organization reports an access to care problem, or requests support for an initiative in their respective country, the ICOSEP staff shall notify the membership to give them the opportunity to swiftly consider and act upon the request for support. At no time shall the leadership of ICOSEP direct Members opinions or actions.

1) Build and maintain an active communication network for the global endocrine community regardless of geography or endocrine specialty

2) Protect and support the unique identity, contributions and efforts of Members

3) Facilitate cross communications between patient, nurse and physician groups

4) Support Members in reporting projects or efforts to assist in avoiding a duplication of efforts and a waste of resources

5) Build and maintain a social media presence and online visibility

6) Operate with transparency

7) Focus efforts towards an increased visibility as to the value and importance and value of endocrinology

8) Maintain an ethical and unbiased reporting to Members

9) Provide an annual meeting for Members

10) Facilitate non-profit education and training to qualifying patient organization leaders.

1) Represent a stakeholder population in the endocrine community.

2) Participate in meetings as possible to ensure that each Member is aware of the work and opportunities being created by the collaborative effort. If a Member misses three calls/meetings in a row, its Membership may be considered inactive and possibly terminated.

3) Each Member maintains the autonomy to choose when and how to participate in a collaborative ICOSEP project.

4) All work done by Members belongs to each Member’s organization. Collaborative efforts need to clearly identify the role and contribution of other Members.

5) Financial support for ICOSEP projects such as in person meetings is encouraged, but not required.

6) Membership in ICOSEP is based on a willingness to work collaboratively and collectively. Members have a responsibility to work for the greater good of the entire endocrine community. If a Member becomes divisive or hostile, participation in future meetings could be eliminated and membership terminated.

ICOSEP serves as the international division of The MAGIC Foundation. Member organizations shall include patient, nursing and physician organizations who support conditions impacted by the endocrine system. Some patient groups may exist online only.

It is not the intent of ICOSEP to become involved in research or activities thoroughly supported by well established medical societies. Rather, ICOSEP shall facilitate a sharing of communication regarding events, efforts and projects reported to the network, dissemination to global members.

Qualifying medical society, nursing society or patient organization meetings shall be open to all members.

The ICOSEP name nor logo shall not be used without prior permissions by ICOSEP executive leadership.

ICOSEP does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to collaborative efforts and consideration for Membership. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all Members and stakeholders in the endocrine community.

Summary of Purpose and Design

As successful organizations, we each realize our own unique spheres of influence. And we also recognize that there are limits to what we can do alone. However, as a unified group (physician, nurse and patient organizations) we can greatly expand our influence.

It is the design of ICOSEP to facilitate a platform for transparent, honest and trusted communication among endocrine stakeholders so that no one group is faced to confront access to care for endocrine patients alone. We are simply a facilitator of a communication pathway which provides shared information to and among the wide diversity of member groups.

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