Special Alert: Many Latin American countries do not allow Florinef known (generically as Fludrocortisone) for adrenal children. Why?

  1. It is allowed by the WHO Essential Medicines List
  2. It is an inexpensive pill
  3. When adrenal patients have an emergency-this pill saves their lives.
    NO CHILD or adult should die because a $10 pill was not “allowed”.
    We urge authorities to make it possible to save these precious children! Please!
    To get involved email: contactus@icosep.org

In non medical terms, if a person with adrenal health issues becomes ill, they can potentially die if they do not have access to fludrocortisone or hyrdocortisone medicine.

Various countries in South America have not allowed one or both of these critical medications on their approval pay list. Perhaps officials do not understand how important this is, and we hope to teach them. Children’s and adult’s lives truly depend on our efforts!

Fludrocortisone and hyrdocortisone have different manufacturers and different names but all have one common factor…..they can critically affect lives.

It has been brought to the attention of our ICOSEP members that many families throughout South America are desperate to get governmental approvals or access to this medication. In some areas, doctors have been prescribing it, but without governmental approval it is not legally allowed. In other countries, the problem is not that fludro/hydro are not approved, but rather that they are not commercialized by the multinational pharmaceutical laboratories. (They have products which are approved but the cost of making this available is financially uninteresting. Approvals for medications cost significant amounts of fees per country.) And small local companies cannot afford commercializing them in other countries.

Therefore, at the request of medical associations and families, ICOSEP is developing ways to help.

Our plan is to:
1. Build a strong list of people; patient organization members and medical society representatives, who will (later) send an email to government officials asking them to approve this types of vital medication for the children and adults.

and while we are building our list of supporting “people”….we will also be trying to …..

2. Determine who the government officials are who can approve this medical treatment, and discover their contact information.

Once we have our team of volunteer voices, and who the officials are who can change the current system….we will…..

3. Send everyone who signed up a “GO” message. We will provide a sample letter so that you can use it and rewrite it if you wish, or simply sign and send it as your own to the officials email.

Please help us. It does not matter if you live in South America or a different country. Anyone can join this effort! We will need as many people in South America as possible to sign up with us. If you have any contacts, social media opportunities etc. – when the time comes…. please share our message of hope and consideration of authorization for these critical medications!

Send an email to contactus@icosep.org or jamie@magicfoundation.org and put South America assistance in the subject line.

Children’s and adult lives can be truly changed if we are successful.

Thank you!

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