20 September

As you know, 20 September is International Children’s Growth Awareness Day.  Parents and medical professionals around the world unite to send an email to each friend and associate to teach them about growth. We also ask them to share the message with their friends on social media (such as Twitter and Facebook).

The date is very important. We all combine our efforts at the same date so that our voices can be heard by parents who may be concerned about their child but not understand where to find answers.

Please consider sitting at the computer with your child and work together to write an email to share for this date.

EXAMPLE Email Idea

Dear Friend,

I need your assistance today. It is simple, easy and will only take a minute of your time….

Today, is International Children’s Growth Awareness Day and our family is personally affected. Growth is a serious sign of MANY hidden health problems in early development, but parents do not realize how important growth (each year) truly is….they believe that children grow!

However, children fail to grow “normally” for many reasons (hormones, nutrition, and even brain tumors in development). The longer it takes to be diagnosed….the more dangerous the problem may become.

Please forward this email to your friends, family and associates today. It is a simple message which could change the future health of children.

Thank you.

[Insert Your Name]

Is your child growing normally? Find out!
A child’s grow is a major indicator of his/her overall health.
Visit: [insert your organization’s webpage with growth information or use: https://icosep.org/childrens-growth/ ]

Together- we can make a difference!

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