Physician Videos-
the Importance of Monitoring a Child’s Growth.

The videos below were created by medical professionals in various languages. You are welcome to link to these videos and share on your social media.

If you would like to provide a video, please visit this page for details.
If any videos are not displaying properly, some are available on our YouTube channel here.

Dr. Xiumin Wang, China (Mandarin)
Dr. Haiyan Wei, China (Mandarin)

Dr. Omar Osman Babiker, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Myriam Bouillo, France
Dr. Safia Mimouni, France

Dr. Violeta Iotova, Bulgaria

Dr. Mirjana Kochova, Macedonia

Dr. Zoran Guchev, Macedonia

Dr. Aleksandra Janchevska, Macedonia (click photo to view video)

Dr. Safia Mimouni, France (click photo to view video)

Dr. Iroro Yarhere, Nigeria (English)

Dr. Flora Ogugua, Nigeria
(Click photo to view)
Dr. Vjosa Kotori, Kosovo

Dr. Fatih Gurbuz, Turkey

Dr. Jorge Nunez, Mexico (Spanish)

Dr. Renata Machado (Spanish)

Dr. Juliana Gabriel, Portugal (speaking Spanish)

Dr. Renata Machado (speaking Portguese)

Dr. Paulo Solberg, Portugal

Dr. Tom Ogata, Japan

Dr. Klause Hartmann, Germany

Dr. Hari Mangtani, India (Hindi)

Dr. Saurabh Uppal, India (Punjabi)

Dr. Shaila Bhattacharyya, India (Kannada)

Dr. Sumeet Arora, USA (Hindi) (click photo to view)

Dr. Una Lauga Tunina (Russian)

Dr. Una Lauga Tunina (Latvian)

Dr. Aman Bhakti Pulungan, Indonesia (Bahasia)

Dr. Julia Broussard, Romania (Romanian)

Dr. Vera Zdravkovic, Serbia (Serbian)

Professor Pinhas-Hamiel, Israel (Hebrew)

Dr. Bessie Spiliotis, Greece (Greek)

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