Click here to Read First! Why is Children’s Growth so Important?

Each year, on 20 September parents, patent organizations, medical societies and supporters all go online to share our simple message:
Is your Child growing normally? Find Out! Because a child’s growth is an important indicator of his/her overall health!
We need you! Join our online post/message effort and help save a child!

Good Growth = Good Health

We have free artwork in many languages, formats and designs. They are legally licensed ONLY for use 20 September for Children’s Growth Awareness Day educational projects.

True or False?   

Parents who complain that their child is too small, or developing too early or late are simply trying to make “designer” kids.

FALSE. Parents who face real growth problems want their children to be healthy. ICOSEP member organizations are not embracing medical treatments for cosmetic purposes. For our children, there is a true medical need. These medical concerns and the legitimate medical treatments are often overshadowed by the sensationalized abuse of vital medicine such as growth hormone, by high profile celebrity and sports figures or anti-aging enthusiasts. So we take to the net to shout to the world…OUR KIDS DESERVE CARE! IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT HEIGHT-IT IS ABOUT THEIR HEALTH!

How does my one email help?

Our simple message has helped concerned parents find online educational resources and experienced medical professionals….quickly! Serious problems like brain tumors have been identified with enough time to make a life long change for children.

Why participate?

If you were searching for answers for your son or daughter…wouldn’t you hope that someone somewhere would spend 5 minutes once a year—to help? You can be that person who makes a difference. It is that simple and that important! Alone, we cannot possibly make enough noise to get attention…but together….we have hope!

2 Minutes of your day could save a lifetime for a child!

20 September…send one email to your friends, family and everyone you can. Ask them to forward it. Everything is ready for you to copy, paste, and send! It is simple! You could be the one person- whose email changes a child’s life! You don’t have to be a member of the Foundation to participate-just someone who cares about kids. Click and like Facebook to stay in touch with the activities. Email for questions.

 Ordinary people doing extraordinary things together!!! Keep up with the Growth Awareness Day Campaign

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Thank you to our supporters!


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