Submitting your organizations’ link to ICOSEP acknowledges that:

1. You are legally authorized to submit information on behalf of the organization you are representing and submitting
2. You are giving permission to ICOSEP to link to your organization’s website.
3. You guarantee a reciprocal link to ICOSEP website.

Links will be considered for organizations which meet the following criteria:
-Expressly support the good and true interests for qualified professional medical attention and/or information for endocrine patients.
-Companies/organizations/foundations which have existed for more than 3 years.
-Do not directly promote or solicit products which do not expressly support the ICOSEP Constitution.
-Provide online reciprocal link with no fee nor liability to ICOSEP.

After meeting the above criteria, and following the written authorization (via U.S.Mail or email), a Limited License for Website Link will be authorized as a nonexclusive, non transferable, revocable link right to use the graphic image and text described above, solely for the purpose of linking our site (www. and any of ICOSEP’s website pages, with the exception of Resource Link or members only pages) to your Site. The link may only be used to transport a user from your site directly to an authorized page within the ICOSEP site. By signing the request for Link Agreement you agree not to mirror any part of our site, redirect the link specifically with advertisement, nor frame segments of our pages within your site structure. You shall not copy nor use any personal stories, photographs, nor information used in the members only section for purposes other than an informational link. You shall not use nor alter our name, trademark or copy written information without specific signed authorization. You will not use the ICOSEP or The MAGIC Foundation name or materials in any way that would slander, demean, defame, or cause any harm to us, the families we serve or those who represent ICOSEP or The MAGIC Foundation. You understand that we may revoke your license at our choice by giving you written notice in hard copy or electronic form to the name and address that you provided us.

Under no circumstances will one party have any obligation nor liability to the other party for any damages incurred by such other party, whether, indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential, special or other damages, including without limitation, damages for loss of business, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer or computer system failure or malfunction, loss of work product or any other commercial damages or losses, whether directly or indirectly caused, whether in tort, contract or otherwise, even if the party is advised of the possibility of such damages.

You shall indemnify and hold the The MAGIC Foundation, and ICOSEP, its directors, member organizations, officers, volunteers, other representatives and employees harmless, from any claims, liability, judgments, damages or costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, asserted or awarded against or incurred by the other party, as a result of any negligent act, omission, or error.

The Agreement will begin immediately upon your notification of authorization of your International Networking. This agreement can be terminated by either party without explanation. Upon termination, you will immediately remove the link to any part of the ICOSEP site from your site. Failure to comply with this notice, is just cause for The MAGIC Foundation dba ICOSEP to bill you personally and your business/organization/foundation the amount of ten dollars per day for the use of our website, until the link(s) are terminated.

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