Policy for Organizational Collaboration and Ethics

The International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients referred to from hereon as ICOSEP, is the international division of the legally registered non-profit charitable organization named The MAGIC Foundation (MAGIC).

Integrity and Transparency

ICOSEP aims to be transparent in all collaborations both corporate and individual. Collaborations shall be explicit and transparent about the nature of the relationship. No funding shall be accepted which is contingent upon actions by ICOSEP or its members. Only general support which is governed by ICOSEP as to the use of such funds shall be accepted.

MAGIC doing business as ICOSEP accepts grants and sponsorships from all types of personal and business supporters. ICOSEP accepts support from pharmaceutical companies who have a product related to care of people affected by endocrine medical conditions.

In working with supporters, ICOSEP shall maintain independence and ethical integrity at all times:

  • Before accepting funds, ICOSEP will obtain assurances that the company or supporter complies with global ethical standards relating to working with patient groups. ICOSEP is NOT an organization for hire or influence of for profit entities of any sort.
  • Collaborations must clearly support the aims and objectives of ICOSEP.
  • ICOSEP will never give one company a competitive advantage over another and shall seek sponsorships from multiple sources.
  • Representatives of ICOSEP are not permitted to accept personal payments from any company.
  • MAGIC can accept honoraria and reimbursement of expenses for staff projects if in line with this policy.

Conflicts of Interest

ICOSEP’s endeavors to establish successful collaborative partnerships with mutual respect and transparency of benefits. When establishing a new partnership, all parties should work to reduce possible conflicts of interest.

To help identify and manage potential conflicts of interest ICOSEP shall:

  • give no warranty that a collaboration will not contain any material that could be disadvantageous to other partners or supporters.
  • not give permissions to partners or sponsors to imply benefits for a medical product through an association with the charity or member organization.
  • be transparent about collaborations with organizations.
  • never provide specific name access to its partners and members to third parties other than the public records / access listed on our website.

Note: No sponsor nor member organization shall have control over analysis, conclusions, positions or recommendations by ICOSEP.


  • ICOSEP is vigilant and careful when building partnerships, networks and collaborating with other organizations. The independence of ICOSEP as a legal entity, separate from any/all member organizations, sponsors and supporters is paramount.  ICOSEP is not led by money or other profitable gains which are not beneficial programs to those living with endocrine health conditions.
  • ICOSEP’s collaborations are intended to influence public awareness change, medical understanding of endocrine health issues and generate a shared global support for those afflicted. It is essential that all partners and supporters, both organizations and individuals, respect the expertise, skills, goodwill and knowledge shared for this unique patient population above any financial benefits.
  • ICOSEP will not promote or endorse products or services from supporters, partners or third parties to our members and contacts through email.

Shared Goals

ICOSEP welcomes collaborators whose goals, values and actions promote and/or enable good endocrine health.

Obligations of Supporters and Partners

  • Partner organizations and supporters agree to share the Children’s Growth Awareness message on 20 September annually. A copy of all the messaging regarding Children’s Growth Awareness shall be sent to ICOSEP no later than 15 October of that same year.
  • At no time can ICOSEP’s logo (including the Children’s Growth Awareness logo) be used without written permission prior to any occasion it is used.
  • ICOSEP shall be advised if its name or its project names (Children’s Growth Awareness Campaign or Children’s Growth Awareness Educational Initiative) are used for awareness communications. Approval must be sought for any non-public or otherwise materials not provided by ICOSEP which refers to a Children’s Growth Awareness project.
  • In the event of an issue which could adversely affect ICOSEP, a supporter or partner organization, all parties agree to report potential problems to ICOSEP immediately. ICOSEP reserves the right to take appropriate action as needed to ensure its reputation is not adversely affected.
  • Organizations agree to commit to confidentiality of any communications or materials as requested in writing by either party.
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