ICOSEP, the international division of The MAGIC Foundation, invites volunteers to consider becoming an Ambassador to assist with Children’s Growth Awareness in your home country. As a bilingual parent, you are able to help us make a difference many countries.

(We apologize-this is long, but details are important.)

To make a long story short, The MAGIC Foundation is a children’s charitable organization building an International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients (ICOSEP). ICOSEP has been extraordinarily well received by organizations and families throughout the world. The focus of ICOSEP is for global education regarding the important health indications of children’s growth.  MAGIC hosts ICOSEP-which currently has member organizations from 35 countries and an international Board of Directors.

Our coalition has patient advocate organizations representing a variety of medical conditions, physician organizations and other supporters all of which are affected by endocrine health issue. This union is a VERY important step for all endocrine patients throughout the world as we unite our voices and support each other globally. It is time that the world takes endocrinology seriously… Together we are strong!

ICOSEP welcomes individuals (all medical conditions qualify) to serve as Ambassadors to various countries. These Ambassadors will be the go-between  ICOSEP and the families, doctors and organizations in those countries.

What does volunteering for this position require?

1. Bilingual English and the Country you are representing.
2. Search the internet to develop a working list by which ( I will send you emails written in English) we can communicate with established patient advocate organizations and medical associations in that country. We hope to share resources and opportunities on a global level.
3. Be the international “face” of the Children’s Growth Awareness Campaign, from MAGIC for that country.
4. Update me as to activities etc. going on with regards to that country so that I can include information in the international newsletter (2 x annually).

What benefits do the Ambassadors receive?

Ambassadors fulfilling their role receive free annual membership in MAGIC.

Volunteering as an Ambassador is something that you need to think about before confirming. Therefore, I ask that anyone interested in becoming an Ambassador (and being featured on the ICOSEP website as that country’s Ambassador) please contact us.

Thank you for your consideration!
Jamie Harvey, Chief Executive Director of ICOSEP
MAGIC Foundation, Co-founder

U.S. families- Call MAGIC at (630) 836-8200 and ask for Jamie Harvey to call you about the Ambassador program.

For families outside the U.S.-Email ( so that we can communicate about this opportunity in more detail.

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