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ICOSEP newsletters

  Winter Newsletter

Informational Brochure (pdf format)


Medical Reference Book (only book of its kind) Causes of Growth Disorders

Ideas for starting a patient support group/organization in your county

Social media platforms are great for children’s charities as they are affordable and reach many families. If you need help navigating and understanding social media, this publication may help.

Presentations from the 2018 Annual Meeting

  1. Social Media, by Denise Culin
  2. Successful Growth Awareness Campaign, Cinzia Sacchetti and Giorgia Spinola
  3. Japan Growth Awareness, Sachiko Kishimoto
  4. French Growth Awareness, Peter Coopman
  5. Growth Awareness HORAST Serbia, Olga Davidovic
  6. International Growth Awareness outline, Jamie Harvey (edited to fit upload requirements)

Supplemental Literature
Friday Email: Each week, The MAGIC Foundation USA, produces a Friday Email (in English) with links to recently published medical literature and funny items. This email is free to ICOSEP member organizations. To receive this email, you must join ICOSEP.

Our YouTube Channel with doctors speaking about growth in many languages

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