Introduction- for Media Representatives

ICOSEP strives to promote public education so that parents understand the serious information provided by annual children’s height evaluations or growth patterns.

One simple message, shared by organizations throughout the world once each year, has changed the health of unidentified children. (Some children had unidentified brain tumors among other medical challenges.) This message alerted parents so that they understood the need to take their children to physicians early enough to impact their health for their entire lives.

To schedule an interview with a representative or affected family Contact:

1. You will not be given contact details. We will contact the families and  ask them to contact you.

2. We do not work with any type of media which involves disguises, sensationalism or other tactics which would be harmful to “our” children. If you are interested in our Educational Outreach efforts in a fair and protective way, we will work tirelessly and diligently with you.

Example of Press Release for Editing to Your Language

(Insert translated text into your letterhead.)

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