Below is a sample email which can be amended or used as is, and sent from your organization in support of International Children’s Growth Awareness Day. If you have any questions, or need something specific; email Thank you for your support of the kids!


Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the partnership of [insert your organization’s name] with ICOSEP in promoting International Children’s Growth Awareness Day. Changing public opinion to regard children’s medical conditions which affect their growth as a serious health concerns (not cosmetic or less important) is a large task. However, as the United States Senate put S.Res.489 into effect on July 23rd acknowledging Growth Awareness Week, groups around the country are joining voices to share this important message (provided below).  We are asking for your participation in this massive effort.

On 20 September, participants in this effort cut and paste the paragraph (below) to email to patients, friends and associates. The date is very important. We all combine our efforts at the same date so that our voices can be heard by parents who may be concerned about their child but not understand where to find answers.

Email to Forward

Today, is International Children’s Growth Awareness Day. Children fail to grow for a number of reasons. Rarely do parents understand the importance of annual measurements and those reports on their children. Therefore, I am asking you help children with undiagnosed medical problems (some may be simple nutritional issues while other causes may be serious such as tumors forming). Please forward this email to your friends, family and associates today. It is a simple message which could change the future health of children.

Thank you.

[Insert Your Name]

Is your child growing normally? Find out!
A child’s grow is a major indicator of his/her overall health.
Visit: [insert your organization’s webpage with growth information or use: ]

Together- we can make a difference!


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