Good Growth=Good Health

Each 20 September, members of ICOSEP (International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients) unite to send emails and post messages to social groups across the world. This effort is called the  Children’s Growth Awareness campaign. All emails and posts contain the exact same educational message:.  

Is your child growing normally? Find out!
Because a child’s growth pattern is a major sign of his or her overall health!

For more information:
(insert the organization website address and photo of your choice)

Organizations, medical societies, corporate supporters and parents print and hang POSTERS and FLYERS  in

  • their offices
  • car windows
  • hand out flyers at work or at their child’s school
  • work place memo boardsand place hangers on neighbors doors or on the outside of mailboxes and doors.Families proudly wear t-shirts and post selfies to promote this message. This message is important because it is a first step towards helping the general public and new parents understand the importance of monitoring children’s growth, and irregular growth can be nature’s early warning sign of hidden (developing) medical problems.

United, we make more noise than we can by ourselves.

Join us and help save a child!

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