Below are small pictures of artwork items which can be printed and used in your area for the Children’s Growth Awareness Campaign. To develop these items in your language, save the artwork which does not have text to your computer. Insert your language translation on to the artwork. It is important that the words are very similar to the original so that our message remains consistent. ALWAYS, provide a link to families seeking more information. If you do not have an open Facebook group or website, please provide as a link because the website will translate into more than 140 languages. Thank you!

If you have any questions or desire the full sized artwork, please email
Thank you.

International Children’s Growth Awareness Campaign Logo

Click here to capture full sized jpg files

ICOSEP logo no text  
Download Horizontal EPS file  Download Vertical PSD file (seen above)

ICOSEP Member Logo


 wp header 3g
Door Hangers  216 spanishdoor-hanger  

Click here to see all the languages and artwork available for these items.

Printable Paper Ribbons


generic ribbons resized thumb Click here to see the full line of ribbons available
Posters and Handouts  2016 girls no text  Click here to see the variety of posters available.
Printable Buttons  
Facebook/Social Media Materials

btn9395503130you tube minitwitter mini button (1)

 2016 English profile

Profile Pictures

Cover Pictures

Artwork which can be used in many languages

Other Social Media Materials


SnapChat- use any of the fully developed art files (translated into your language) during International Growth Awareness Week.
Press Release/ Announcement  Contact us for details or assistance.
 For legal purposes, please provide us with a copy of all materials you are developing using this artwork prior to use. Thank you.


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