HISTORY: The International Coalition for Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients [ICOSEP] began as patient organizations from various areas of the world began communicating. We learned that no matter where we lived, we all had similar challenges and stories. We learned that there is strength in number and we began to unite and build a voluntary umbrella group for ALL endocrine patients, their families, and the medical providers of these unique patients.  We had learned that as independent groups, our voices were small but together we could accomplish great things. To see the full list of patient groups or medical societies we network.

ICOSEP became fully organized with an independent Board of DirectorsConstitution and subsequent Ambassadors Board on 20 September 2012. ICOSEP is directed by an independent board of global member organization leaders and funded by The MAGIC Foundation, Global Division.

ICOSEP’s MISSION is to unite local/regional support organizations and medical professionals into a global network for the sharing of  information, experiences, advice, and exchange of resources and materials to help groups swiftly and effectively advocate for patients. ICOSEP is committed to reducing the identification age of children with growth impacting medical conditions, promote valuable and quality information, and to encourage long term health improvement for affected children and consequently adults via early identification. ICOSEP is the proud leader of the global educational project called the International Children’s Growth Awareness campaign.

Membership in ICOSEP is free. Click here to JOIN TODAY!

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